Friends of Shipley

Update from Animals in Distress 20.03.2017

We are completely overwhelmed by all the generous donations towards Shipley's pen. Some people's donations went through our general "donate" button, which is why they are not showing up on this page - but we are adding them all in, and altogether we have almost £1000. Thank you SO much everyone!

We will update later with the grand total, and photos of the pen will be posted here once the plaques are up. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Thank you again so much everyone! 


Calling all friends of Shipley! We want to permanently sponsor a cattery pen at Animals in Distress, in memory of Shipley, @MYSWEARYCAT.

The pen will be a permanent memorial to Shipley, and a celebration of his amazing life with Tom Cox.

The sponsorship money will go directly to helping all of the homeless cats that live in Shipley's pen every year, at the Animals in Distress Rescue Centre in Devon.

We need to raise £500 for the permanent sponsorship. To contribute, please click on the green 'donate' button on the right. Thank you for your support!

Friends of Shipley