The pets at the Rescue Centre need support that comes in all shapes in sizes. If you're looking for a way to help the cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs directly, there are lots of things that you can do.


We always need newspapers for our rabbits. We use them for bedding and in their litter trays. With over 60 rabbits at the Rescue Centre at any given time, you can imagine how many papers we go through. If you ever have any newspapers that you've finished with, we would be extremely grateful for them.


We make sure the dogs get plenty of exercise. Whether it's walking through the lanes around Ipplepen, chasing a ball in the field or having a go on the agility equipment, we give the dogs lots of time outside. In South Devon, this means that they can get pretty wet and muddy so we need towels to keep the dogs clean and dry.

If you have any towels that you no longer need, we would love to have them. We don't mind how threadbare they are, we can still use them.

Washing powder

We try to make all the pets in our care as comfortable as possible, which means they each have their own bed. For the cats and dogs we use lots of blankets and bedding to give them a cosy place to snooze. But this leads to quite a bit of washing. We do all our own laundry at the Rescue Centre so we are always in need of washing powder to keep the bedding fresh and clean.

If you could donate a box of washing powder every now and again, it would make a big difference. It doesn't matter what brand, it just needs to be non-bio.

Toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes

A bit of hay pushed into a toilet roll or kitchen roll tube is a great chew toy for the rabbits and guinea pigs who love to nibble and gnaw. This behaviour is crucial to their health as it keep their teeth a healthy length and also keeps them busy. 

Instead of putting your toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes in the recycling, why not donate them to the Rescue Centre and help keep the rabbits and guinea pigs happy and healthy.

Amazon wishlists

There are more items that we need on our Amazon wishlists - we are so grateful for all of your donations, big and small, they all make a difference to the lives of our animals.

Wishlist for dogs

Wishlist for cats

Wishlist for rabbits