Meow, my name is Lulu and I'm a REAL sweetie! I am a quiet and timid girl, with so much love to give. I am 6 years old.

My ideal home would be with a single female owner, who has a nice quiet home.  I would love to have a garden that I can venture out into - I am used to a cat flap and having twenty four hour access to the garden, and this suits me just fine.

My last home was a busy home and I was very wary of the men in the household, and used to do anything to avoid them. I have never lived with other cats or dogs and I would prefer to be the only pet in my new home.

I have a heart irregularity which I have always had, and which has never caused me any problems so far. Because of this I am currently on a daily medication to help me. The cost of my tablets is only £15 a month, and I have never shown any signs of illness related to this condition, so I really hope that this will not put you off!

I am really the sweetest girl you could meet, and I would so love to find my forever home soon.

If you have a nice quiet home you would like to share with me then please enquire today. I would love to meet you!