Jazz turns 14 today, and I can't thank Animals in Distress enough for letting us have him in our lives, since he was eleven months old.

Jazz is my oldest friend; he has been in my life for fourteen hilarious, sweet and occasionally negative years. When I was younger he was my protector; now he is older, I am his.

We've watched each other grow, and have incredible memories together. 

One of my favourite funny memories of him, is the day the police were called. Jazz is a talented dog, and when he was younger he could escape from anywhere. One day he opened the back window, climbed out, jumped a six foot fence, and went for a walk in the field. When he was done, he jumped back over the fence and climbed back into the window. Unfortunately, someone thought we had a burglar, and called the police. We came home that day to find the police there, and we had to explain it was our escape artist dog!

Jazz had his problems at first, but he has always loved us and we have always loved him. He's grown to be an old, happy boy who still loves his walks and playing with his much younger sister – but what he really loves the most is his comfort and his food. Happy fourteenth birthday Jazz. I love you old boy.

Nixon Samantha Parenté