We do everything we can to make the pets in our care happy and stress-free. This means meeting their basic needs of food, water, shelter and exercise, but it also means providing so much more.

If a pet has had a challenging life before they got here, we make sure we address any behavioural issues so that they are ready to be a wonderful new addition to your family.

Likewise, if they have any health issues we are here to make sure they are fit and ailment-free. Every pet receives a full vet check when they arrive at the Rescue Centre and another check before they go to their new home. If anything is discovered in these checks, we treat them and continue to monitor them to ensure they are healthy before they leave the Rescue Centre.

Finally, we provide unconditional love and vital socialisation while the pets are in our care. Being in the Rescue Centre is totally different to living in a home so we do everything we can to keep the pets stimulated, loved and used to human contact.

By supporting our Wherever the need is greatest appeal, you will be making this work possible. 

When the pets of South Devon lose their home, we are here to pick up the pieces and give them the life they deserve. This wouldn't be possible without you.