THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has donated to our whelping box appeal. We now have all the funds, thanks to you, and can buy the box.

Thank you for your kindness, on behalf of the puppies.


As many of you may know, it's been all hands on deck at the rescue centre for the last few days, as a litter of 7 puppies, just a week old, were handed to us last week. The pups had been found dumped in a cardboard box outside a Torquay house by the rubbish bins - on bin day. Thankfully, a passing man heard the pups before the bin men arrived - and half an hour before a big rain storm which would have killed them - and took them to the nearest vets.

The puppies need to be fed every few hours at this stage, throughout the day and night, so staff have been working round the clock to keep them alive.

The really good news is that the pups are doing amazingly well, they are all feeding well and gaining weight. They have now become very active and are now able to escape out of the dog bed we have them in!

As they have now become little escape artists, we are appealing for your help to buy a large whelping box to keep the pups in. If you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking on the green 'donate' button.

Thank you so much for all of your incredible support, on behalf of everyone here - and the pups.