We would like to say a really massive THANK YOU to everyone who has donated towards our appeal for Bonnie's eye surgery.
Once again we were completely overwhelmed by the response and by your generosity. 
Thanks to your kindness, we have received all the money we needed for the operations, and Bonnie's surgery will take place as soon as possible now. 
The vet will first remove her very bad eye, and then once she has recovered enough he will perform the cataract surgery.
A heartfelt thank you, from everyone at Animals in Distress. You truly have given Bonnie the chance of a happy future life, with her sight restored 💕
We will keep you update on all of Bonnie's progress.

Bonnie arrived at the rescue centre with her brother Buddy in quite a pitiful state, having several eye problems which have left her totally blind in both eyes. 

Bonnie has severe cataracts in both eyes, and also glaucoma in her left eye. Also, the eye is not draining fluid as it should which is causing Bonnie's eye to swell - an extremely painful condition. 

Bonnie has been to see a veterinary eye specialist who has recommended that her left eye be removed as soon as possible, as there is nothing more that can be done except to relieve the pain and discomfort it is causing her.

He has also recommended that the cataract on her right eye should be surgically treated, before that eye also deteriorates even further. 

At the moment Bonnie has no sight at all - after her cataract operation she will hopefully have 50% sight restored in her remaining eye.

The costs of all Bonnie's surgery will be £1500. This is one of those cases where an animal in need of our help has higher than usual veterinary costs, and though we will always help every animal that we can, it is difficult for a small charity like us to quickly find such an amount.

We are appealing to you, our wonderful supporters, for help. Can you help us to help Bonnie? We know that we have asked a lot of you recently for help with the abandoned puppies, and you have all been so amazingly generous. However Bonnie's need is really pressing as we would love for her to be out of pain, and to prevent her right eye deteriorating to the point of no return.

If you could spare any amount, however big or small, towards the cost of Bonnie's eye surgery, we would be really so grateful, and it will make a world of difference to Bonnie. 

From everyone at Animals in Distress, thank you so much for all your incredible support, as always.